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The Guide to German Shepherd

"As regards the Complete Guide to German Shepherds: A Review," by Lisa L. Bickley, R.I., is a well-written and informative guide that introduces the basic information about German Shepherds. "About The Complete Guide to German Shepherds," I can say: It's great! We've had GSDs for several years now, and we're impressed with the format and the information in the book. Well, written and informative, it's a fun and interesting read."

The author, Lisa L. Bickley, R.I., provides information about the German Shepherd's health and behavior. She also offers a good history of the breed, a brief description about their origin, information about their temperament, and a short description about the best things to do with them. In the history section, she provides information on the German Shepherd's ancestry. This section provides background information about the origin of the German Shepherd. It is informative, easy to understand and interesting, making this book a worthwhile read for anyone who wants to know more about the German Shepherd.

The author provides very clear, concise information about the many different aspects of the German Shepherd dog. The descriptions and information are accurate and very easy to understand. Each chapter includes a few pages worth of descriptive information about the German Shepherd and their life. Most of these pages contain photographs and other pictures of actual GSDs. This is an impressive page-by-page representation of German Shepherd behavior, including daily grooming, obedience training, playtime, training exercises, and much more. Be sure to learn more today!

The author provides detailed information about German Shepherd training. In her book, she describes how to train a German Shepherd properly, including the difference between "good"bad" behavior, how to get around your dog and communicate with him, where and when to praise or reward good behavior and when to put your dog in his place, and a variety of other important points. Shepherding skills. Check out this website at for more info about dogs

In the last two chapters of the guide, the author provides advice on the care and maintenance of a German Shepherd. For example, she gives the owner and pet a few tips on cleaning the dog's ears and eyes. A special section is devoted to German Shepherd health, including tips on feeding, grooming, exercise, vaccinations and other care. All of these important things are covered and explained.

Overall, the guide covers many topics with clarity and detail. Lisa L. Bickley, R.I., did a great job writing this guide, which makes this a good reference for anyone who has a German Shepherd, whether they own one or not. This is a solid, informative guide that will help any new dog owner learn as much as possible about this amazing breed. Be sure to see more today!

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